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Miss Bonds has ordered me to write a list of "top ten kink pleasures and your five least favourite aspects of kink".

There are various overlaps in this, and it's not necessarily in strict order since things.

I have failed to stick to the requested counts of items...

My pleasures are:

  1. Having access to my cock restricted. Not necessarily denied entirely, but being told when I'm allowed to touch it and when I can cum and when I must bring myself to the edge but not cum. Also, only being allowed at certain times or places or combined with other things (eg can only cum when buttplugged, or only after edging for an hour)
  2. Chastity devices, either being ordered to lock one on my self, or having one locked on me. There are practical considerations and I have yet to find one I could wear 24/7. That's a hot fantasy, although not sure how I'd cope in reality
  3. Being talked to about kinky stuff, particularly while I have access to my cock being told that I'm not going to have access to it for long
  4. Being in bondage, specifically having my hands secured and being blinfolded. Then being touched, specifically cock play but open to try other things
  5. Making someone else cum, particularly when they have control over me
  6. Hidden kink gear - beng ordered to wear kinky stuff hidden in normal environments such as rubber underwear, chastity device, buttplug, cockring, ball stretcher
  7. Wearing tight clothing like rubber and Lycra gear
  8. Clothing control - being ordered to wear tight or skimpy clothing (in summer) such as cycle gear or short jog shorts. I get quite self-concious wearing such things in public but doing so under orders is quite at turn-on. I have various boiler suit type things that I wear in winter which is a similar effect though not as much
  9. Being in 'total enclosure' and 'sensory deprivation' - more extreme forms of bondage where I'm in a full body suit or secured in something like a straitjacket or sleepsack where movement is very limited, and I can't speak or see or hear or feel anything except for what someone else wants me to feel
  10. Getting pictures and movies of bondage situations for publication on my website
  11. 'Deep Heat' type cream. I've found one which, on my balls, gives quite a stinging sensation but it's not too severe (some brands I find too strong)
  12. Cock devices that have spikes in to encourage the wearer not to get hard - things like - this is not enjoying the pain but enjoying the idea of being punished for getting hard (and I tend to 'tease' myself in it) - only a short term toy

In many cases, the turn-on for me is just as much about the anticipation of whatever's going to happen and the after-knowing that it happened, as much as doing it at the time.

My least favourite things are:

  1. Being tickled
  2. Pain play like flogging, spanking, caning etc - some 'strategic discomfort' is fine (like 'Deep Heat' type cream), but I'm not into the pain as a specific kink
  3. Don't like 'punishments' which are just for the sake of punishment, like standing in a corner or writing lines

And the 'usual things' - permanent marks, piss, scat, children, animals, santa, etc