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Mortice's Key Holding Service

This is a Key Holding Service, primarily for chastity belt keys. I say key 'holding' but there are many ways to keep keys from someone without having to mail them.

I will keep your keys from you for a set time or under arranged conditions. However, I will not tell you what to do, I will not tease you and I will not take control in any other way. This is not a domination service, just key holding.


You must be over 18.

You must already have a suitable chastity cage and have already spent a similar time locked in it to the time you plan to not have keys. If you're considering buying your first cage and sending keys away as soon as you lock it on, that's doomed to problems since all devices need some getting used to, checking for sores etc.

You need to arrange an emergency key (see later) as nothing I do is guaranteed.

It's your responsibility to comply with these pre-requisites. If you can't meet any of them, come back when you can.

If I've only just told you about this service, I won't let you use it impulsively. You must come back to me a few days later with your considered plan.

How to secure keys

There are many ways I can control your keys:

  • Send me the combination to a manual or digital safe containing the keys
  • Use an internet controlled safe
  • Use a 'cell block' chastity cage which can be internet controlled
  • Secure keys (or secure cage) using a serial numbered tag and send me regular pictures to show it's not been broken
  • Post keys and have them posted back - this may be considered most 'exciting' but is by far the most risky in terms of key delay or loss

What will I do?

I won't tease or control you. I'm aware that when most people say they want a key holder, they really want a Dom/Domme to take control of them. That's not what I'm offering.

However, I'm happy to work to a prearranged plan, such as:

  • Return keys on a fixed date
  • Return them after some duration chosen by dice (eg 3 to 5 weeks)
  • Require some objective to be met before return like losing weight - you can send whatever ongoing evidence you like
  • Reduce your lockup time based on some activity, for instance 1/2 day reduction for every day where you spend 8 hours butt plugged
  • You can arrange a 'safe word', that way you can ask to be released and I will always refuse it unless you use the safe word

But I will not choose any of the above for you, it has to come from you what you want to do!

Emergency key

You MUST keep an emergency key!

Reasons for this include:

  • Medical emergency - either related to the cage or something unrelated that needs a scan that needs all metal to be removed
  • Family emergency
  • If you're keeping the main keys in a physical safe, that may fail
  • I may vanish
  • Your means of keeping contact with me might fail

I'm not guaranteeing anything on my side, so if you lose access to keys without any sort of backup, you're asking for trouble.

Having said that, if your chastity cage has a dangling lock and you have suitable tools you can destroy the lock to remove the cage which is a reasonable alternative to an emergency key.

For a fast access emergency key, I can only thing to secure the key using a serial numbered tag - you can send me pictures to show you've not cheated.

Slow access emergency key (not great in an emergency!) methods include:

  • Bury it somewhere that would take a lot of digging
  • Put it into a 'junk drawer' with lots of other keys and things which would take a while to sort through
  • Hide it somewhere you don't often visit, like a friend's house (dangerous game!)
  • Secure it to a fence miles from anywhere and hope the fence isn't torn down

What next?

If you agree to all these steps, get in touch with me.