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I'm going to try to 'justify' my orgasms by doing kinky things to earn them.

I'll earn points by doing kinky things and 'spend' them on orgasms.

The objective is not to restrict the frequency of cumming, just to use it as an incentive to do more kinky things.

Credits and charges

Once points are earned for an activity, the same activity will not earn points if done within the same 7 days - so if I ruin an orgasm on Monday to get a point, I can't ruin to earn another until the following Monday. This threshold was 5 days before 23rd October, but seems too easy(!)

No one activity can count for points from multiple sections. If there's points available for a short time or a long time, if I don the long time I can't claim for the short time as well. But different activities can be done at the same time.

Activities which earn one point

At home

  1. Ruined orgasm
  2. Cum and eat it
  3. Cum using only a vibrator
  4. Playing and edging for over an hour, then not cumming for at least an hour afterwards
  5. Wearing a severe spiked device (cockring or chastity) for at least 1 hour
  6. Wearing a butt plug for at least 2 hours
  7. Wearing a zentai for at least 2 hours
  8. Wearing a hood at home for at least 2 hours
  9. Wearing a wetsuit for at least 4 hours
  10. Wearing a mild spiked device (cockring or chastity) for at least 4 hours
  11. Wearing a butt plug overnight
  12. Sleeping wearing something one-piece in Lycra (unitard, skinsuit, zentai)
  13. 2 days (48 hours) without orgasm (of any sort)

Away from home

  1. Wear rubber underwear for significant part of the day (eg to work)
  2. Cumming in a public toilet (different locations count as different points)
  3. Wearing no footwear outside for at least 1/2 an hour
  4. All day in work without underwear

Activities which earn two points

  1. Wear buttplug outside for at least 4 hours (including to work)
  2. Wear rubber or neoprene suit or shorts+tee (covered by normal clothes if necessary) outside for at least 4 hours
  3. Playing and edging for at least 3 hours then not touching for an hour

Points for time in chastity

Points for time continuously locked in chastity

  1. 1 point for the first 4 hours
  2. 1 point for the next 8 hours
  3. 1 point for the next 12 hours
  4. 1 point each 24 hours thereafter
  5. If the lockup is for more than 5 days, all existing points are cleared and the points count is reset to 5

After earning points for one duration, points do not count for the same duration within the following week, but do count if the duration is different.

Activities which COST points

  1. Normal orgasm in private
  2. After the first two cums in a day, subsequent ones become more expensive - 2 point for the third, 3 for the fourth, 5 for the fifth etc

Overdraft facility

I can take an 'overdraft' if needed. I will gain 3 points but it will cost 4 points, plus one point per 3 days until it's paid off. When the total balance is the same as the total overdraft plus charges, both will become zero.

No notice is required for an overdraft. If I cum thinking I have credit but later find I didn't have credit, that will automatically invoke an overdraft.

Stealing points

Pre-arranged activites by friends will count as stealing points from me.


  • 1 point if he travels from home to swimming pool and back home wearing at most 1 item of non-lycra clothing (eg hoodie) but all else must be lycra, including in the pool, and must be barefoot whole time
  • 1 point if he swims wearing cb and butt plug (once a plug is used, can't use the same plug within a week)
  • 1 point if he swims in public pool wearing leotard suit or racer back kneeskin suit

BUT no more than 2 points on any one day

HOWEVER if he plans to go for a swim and doesn't do it on the day planned, I gain 1 point.

October 2014

Date Credits Debits Total today Running total
8th Ruined orgasm, rubber jock to work, edge an hour 1 cum +2 2
9th CB worn for 12 hours, rubber shorts+tee out in evening +4 6
10th No underwear to work 2 cums -1 5
11th Cum in public toilet 2 cums -1 4
12th Plugged jog 2 cums -1 3
13th Cum and eat, sleep in lycra unitard +2 5
14th Jog plugged 3 cums -2 3
15th Ruined cum 1 cum 3
16th Thu 13 hours in cb 1 cum +1 4
17th Fri Rubber jock to work, cb worn for 4 hours 1 cum +1 5
18th Sat Cum in public toilet 2 cums -1 4
19th Sun Jog plugged, spiked cockring for 4 hours, cum and ate, zentai for 2 hours 2 cum +2 6
20th Mon 2 cums -2 4
21st Tue Edge an hour, hood for 2 hours 1 cum +1 5
22nd Wed Locked in cb 13 hours 1 cum +1 6
23rd Thu Ruined cum 1 cum 6
24th Fri No underwear to work 1 cum 6
25th Sat 1 cum -1 5
26th Sun 5
27th Mon Cum in train station toilet 1 cum 5
28th Tue 2 cums -2 3
29th Wed Rubber thong to work, cum and ate it 1 cum +1 4
30th Thu CB for 12 hours, jog plugged 1 cum +2 6
31th Fri Spiked cockring 4 hours +1 7

November 2014

Date Credits Debits Total today Running total
1st Sat 3 cums -4 3
2nd Sun Ruined cum, 4 hours in wetsuit, lycra to bed 2 cums +1 4
3rd Mon No underwear to work, zentai for 2 hours 2 cums 4
4th Tue 4
5th Wed Rubber underwear to work, cum with vibrator 1 cum +1 5
6th Thu 5
7th Fri CB to work 13 hours 1 cum, zentaiskeleton stole 1 point for plugged swim 5
8th Sat Cum in shopping center toilets 2 cums -1 4
9th Sun Ruined cum, 1 hour in severe spiked cock cage 1 cum +1 5
10th Mon No underwear to work +1 6
11th Tues
12th Wed 2 days without cumming 2 cums -1 5
13th Thu Rubber jock to work, neoprene suit to munch 1 cum +2 7
14th Fri CB worn 4 hours 1 cum 7
15th Sat Cum and ate it 2 cums -1 6
16th Sun 1 cum -1 5
17th Mon Ruined cum 1 cum 5
18th Tue No underwear to work, 2 hours plugged and hooded 1 cum, zentaiskeleton stole 2 points for plugged swim and to/from pool in Lycra 5
19th Wed 4 hours in mild spikes, zentaiskeleton failed to go swimming as planned 1 cum +1 6
20th Thu Rubber jock to work +1 7
21st Fri Cum with vibrator 1 cum 7
22nd Sat 4 hours in wetsuit 1 cum 7
23rd Sun Cum and ate it 1 cum 7
24th Mon 2 cums -2 5
25th Tue CB to work, 15 hours 1 cum +1 6
26th Wed No underwear to work, ruined cum 1 cum +1 7
27th Thu 2 cums -2 5

Friday morning, locked in chastity device for a week, so suspending this cum management system.