Buy a MortiSafe from me!

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I'm considering making MortiSafes for sale, based on the MortiRemoteSafe design.

However, this does not include a safe! You need to buy a digital safe, which is available from most hardware, DIY or stationary stores for about £25. You can then fit the MortiSafe to your digital safe, which is quite easy and I'll provide full instructions.

This is because I don't mind posting the MortiSafe assembled components but there's no point in me posting heavy safes around the world when you can buy one locally.

You'll also need a power adaptor. See details below for those.

I expect the cost of the MortiSafe component (without safe) to be around £25 (plus international shipping if needed).

For details of what it will do, see The general idea of how to use MortiRemoteSafe.


However, this is an 'early adopter' price, based on the following understandings:

  • This is a hobby project, so don't expect a beautifully polished product
  • You need a Windows PC, I'll assume XP/Vista/2007
  • I can't guarantee it will work first time on all systems. I ask for your patience in getting it to work if you have a problem. I may ask you to try some things, gather technical data, etc
  • All the key functionality of the system will work, but you'll have to use applications to operate the safe. Eventually it will be done through a website, but that's not operational yet
  • I won't accept orders until I've finished off the work I'm currently doing on it (perfecting software)
  • Your safe and power adaptor need to comply with the details below

So it's not as complete as you'd like it to be, but I don't think you'd get anything close to this functional for this price.

What you'll need

Just about any digital safe will do, with the following conditions:

  • Must be battery powered
  • Must have small holes at the back (usually for screwing to wall) for running a cable through
  • Must have a screw panel on the back of the door which gives access to the controls inside

The power adaptor plugs into your wall socket and should produce between 6 volts and 12 volts of power. You probably have one of these lying around the house, which used to plug into something that no longer works or something you don't use. Look on the back and they usually say what voltage they supply. It doesn't matter what the plug is on the appliance end, since you're going to cut it off.

If you don't have anything suitable, you can buy one very cheap. Don't buy a power adaptor, buy a cheap appliance like a USB hub which comes with a power adaptor, since that's much cheaper and works just as well.

Consider something like or - obviously make sure the power plug part which goes into the wall has the right pins for your country.

How to build

This is a summary of what you'll have to do to convert your safe into a MortiSafe. I'll supply more detailed instructions, this is just a summary so you can see how simple it is. The only 'skill' you need is to be able to clean the insulation off a wire.

The steps are:

  1. Take the back off the door of the safe (usually 4 screws)
  2. Cut a wire (it's an obvious one)
  3. Cut some insulation off the ends of the wire
  4. Push them into holes on a MortiSafe component and tighten a screw to hold them in
  5. Put another (supplied) cable through a hole in the back of the safe
  6. Push those wires into other holes on a MortiSafe component and tighten screws to hold them in
  7. Download some files to your PC
  8. Plug a device (supplied) into a USB port on your PC
  9. When it asks for a driver file, point it at one of the files you downloaded
  10. You can then run programs to lock and unlock the safe, lock it for a specified duration, etc

And that's it.

If you should want to, you can very easily turn the MortiSafe back into a normal digital safe just by unscrewing some wires.