Charity cock ownership

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No, bear with me, not quite as mad as it sounds...

Basic idea

I like the idea of giving control of my cock to someone who then lets me know when I'm allowed to touch and use it. Since I don't have anyone to do that, I thought about other 'models' for considering myself as not owning my bits but getting access to them with some sort of limitations involved.

One way of doing this is to think in terms of it being owned by someone/something from which I have to rent it back. Such as the cock in question being owned by a charity, so any time I want to make use of their cock I have to make a donation to them. Of course, they don't need to know anything about the arrangement, they'll just get random contributions.

I would decide on a 'tarrif', which might be something like £1 per orgasm and £1 per hour of touching. And perhaps, to make it interesting, after an orgasm if there's another within 24 hours then that costs £2, and so on. Perhaps putting cash in a box (nice to hear the chink of coin), then weekly online payment of the balance. You could equally choose a much lower tarrif, like 10p/10c per orgasm, so there is some degree of value to it but it's not going to break the bank.

It would focus me on how much 'rental' I was doing and would make some (hard earned?) cash for charity too. My first thought was something like a cancer research charity, but it would be good if there were a suitable kink-oriented one, something perhaps like (very hot if they knew where the cash was coming from!)

As an alternative, you could do the same but use the cash towards a new toy you want to buy or something. Then you would have to consider your cock 'owned' by the toy.

And of course, when I say 'cock', other sorts of genitals are available too :)

Perhaps a suitable charity (for UK guys) would be Orchid, the UK charity dealing with testicular cancer:

Future plan

That's something that could be done by anyone today. If it were popular, what would be really neat would be to take it further, and have a website with two roles - administering the above system for users and administering the charitable proceeds, distributing them amongst agreed charities.

The website could accept ownership of your genitals then allow you to configure your 'payment plan' and could administer things like payment acceleration within 24 hours. One really neat feature could be to enable other people to make a payment which then causes your charges to go up!

Such a website (not least the legal cash management side) would be a huge undertaking so I'm not suggesting doing that any time soon, but it's a nice thought.


I think this experience would be aided by an 'overviewer' - not a dom/domme necessarily, but someone to oversee that the person who's donated their genitals sticks to the rules. Obviously this is all on trust (the charity money would go straight to the charity) but the overviewer's role would be to ask how it's going etc, and it's someone that you'd have to lie to if you plan to cheat. It puts a human face on the experience.

I'm not sure who I would get as an overviewer if I do this. I think I'd quite like being overviewer for others, so if you like this idea then get in touch.


Just a 'first draft' of some possible prices. These sort of things are right for me, you may want to use a different base price or add/remove elements.

£1 charge for any of the following:

  • The first orgasm on a day
  • Each hour or part hour (more than 1 minute) of sexual touching of cock - EXCEPT any time is not charged as long as a chastity device has been locked on for up to the same length of time beforehand

A second orgasm on the same day is charged at £2, the third at £4 then £8, £16, £32 etc. 'Day' means time without significant sleep (not a calendar day).

Price is halved if the activity is done while buttplugged.

Why payment afterwards?

One way to do this sort of thing would be to have to perform tasks before getting to cum, rather than payment afterwards. The reason I've done it this way is that if you have to do a task before cumming etc then it involves pre-planning and that's the sort of thing I'm likely to get bored of and decide not to do (having to do something 4 hours before cumming). So I think for me a system based on penalty afterwards would be a more sustainable system instead (can think about the cost while working on the cum, for instance).