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You probably want Chastity device use ideas.

Just some thoughts about chastity devices...

Introduction Some notes you should be aware of to read this page:

I use the term 'cb' (meaning Chastity Belt) to refer to any sort of chastity device, whether belt based or otherwise I use the terms 'he' and 'guy' but everything would apply the same to female wearers or keyholders If you're playing with some scheme that involves posting your chastity device keys or making them inaccessable in some other way, always have a safety backup key in case the your great plan fails for some unexpected reason

I'd love to get feedback on other good ideas along these lines. Please add to this page A Chastity Key Ring This requires a bunch of guys who are each into long-term chastity and want some randomness and external control, and one Controller person who is not a 'Master' but just a coordinator for the proceedings.

One requirement is that all of the guys trust each other (which is perhaps what makes it not very realistic).

The process is:

  1. Each guy needs a key to their device, plus a backup key which they're responsible for securing (perhaps sending to the Controller?)
  2. All guys sends the Controller an e-mail containing a postal address that they can pick post up from
  3. The Controller 'randomly' shuffles the addresses
  4. The Controller sends a postal address to each guy, making sure no guy is sent his own address
  5. Each guy posts their key to the address they're given
  6. One week later, the Controller 'randomly' shuffles the addresses again
  7. The Controller sends another postal address to each guy
  8. Each guy posts the key they were given before to the new address they've been given, without any markings indicating who's sending the key
  9. Each guy receives a key
  10. Each guy tries out the key in the lock of their chastity device - if the key fits, they are free for the week!
  11. If they key doesn't fit, they remain locked up
  12. One week later, the Controller sends addresses and guys swap keys again
  13. This carries on for ever, and hopefully every now and then guys get releases

That's the basic system. Other features are:

  • Guys don't know how many other guys are playing, so don't know how long it will take before their own key comes around
  • The Controller could shuffle at random, but he should still keep track of whose key is where
  • If someone wants to leave, the Controller can just arrange for that guy to get his key next time, and no-one else will know
  • If someone wants to join, the Controller can just tell who that guy should send his key to
  • All guys should join a yahoo discussion group, so they can't see how many people are on the group (some will naturally be silent) but those playing can chat about it

Again, the impractical part is that every guy needs to trust every other guy, even though most guys won't know what other guys are playing. I suspect in practice guys wouldn't want their (home?) postal addresses distributed

Someone suggested if the idea takes off, we could start a "Keys Reunited" website :-)

An Alternative Chastity Key Ring

An alternative to the above plan would be that each guy returns the key he's given to the Controller, who sends all the keys out again - no need to distribute addresses (except to the Controller) but more work for the Controller.

Security tags

If a guy wants to be kept secured but doesn't want to send keys through the post, they can use a serial numbered plastic security tag to secure their device (many devices are supplied with 5 tags). Then it's much easier to find someone on the internet who will check the tag through a webcam on a regular basis to ensure the secured guy hasn't cheated.

For some guys, knowing they will be found out if they break the security tag is enough to keep them secured. For others, a plastic tag is not enough and they need to be locked with a metal lock without access to the keys. It just depends what they are into.

You can buy more tags from First Aid Warehouse in UK or Heathmark in USA.

Multiple Securing Keys

If a guy likes the idea of having multiple keyholders, there are ways in which he could be secured with multiple keys.

This would work as either:

  1. Any one keyholder can allow the guy to be released
  2. All keyholders have to agree to allow the guy to be released

There are a number of ways to arrange either of these. For instance, take a steel pipe and drill holes at each end and along through the middle so that a padlock can be put through the pipe at any point to prevent something (in this case, a cb key) moving through the pipe.

  1. If the cb key is in the middle and there's a padlock at each end, the cb key can be removed by unlocking either padlock. Obviously, this system only works with 2 padlocks since there's only 2 ends to the pipe
  2. If one end of the pipe is sealed, and there's a number of padlocks along the length of the pipe, all of the padlocks need to be removed to retrieve the cb key

In either case, each keyholder gets the key to one of the locks.

Alternatively, you can buy devices to allow something to be secured by multiple locks - see here (link missing?) for an example. This would probably be better securing a box that contains the cb key, rather than securing the cb directly.

You could have an interesting time combining these ideas, for instance a pipe with 5 padlocks, so either 2 of them on one end, or 3 of them on the other end, need to be unlocked to get the cb key out from inside.

You could do this perhaps better by adding some lock hasps to a box, so that the box can only be opened if all locks are opened. There are probably a few variants on that.

I'd be interested in hearing other ideas. Would be interesting to come up with a system that would allow any 3 keyholders out of a total of 5 keyholders to authorise release - complicated...

Multiple Securing Keys - any 3 from 5

I came up with a way of allowing any 3 from 5 keys to release a cb key. It's rather complicated and make use of the fact that there's only 10 possible combinations - 5C3=10

  1. Lock the cb key into a box which is somehow secured to one wall
  2. You need 10 chains, each with a key to the box secured on the end, numbered 1 to 10
  3. You need a chain secured to the opposite wall to the box
  4. So, if one of the key chains is locked to the wall chain, the key can't be used to open the box
  5. You need 5 padlocks, lettered A to E
  • Lock key chain 1 to the wall chain using locks A, B and C so that all locks need to be opened to remove the key chain - but don't close the locks yet
  • Lock key chain 2 to the wall chain using locks A, B and D (so now locks A and B are through the wall chain and chains 1 and 2)
  • Lock key chain 3 to the wall chain using locks A, B and E
  • Chain 4 - A, C, D
  • Chain 5 - A, C, E
  • Chain 6 - A, D, E
  • Chain 7 - B, C, D
  • Chain 8 - B, C, E
  • Chain 9 - B, D, E
  • Chain 10 - C, D, E
  1. Now, each lock should go through 5 key chains and the wall chains - you need big locks!
  2. Close all the locks
  3. You should find that if any 3 locks are opened, you should be able to pull one of the keys out of the bunch and unlock the box containing the cb key
  4. I did say it was complicated!

There must be an easier way than this...

Alternative Multiple Securing Keys - any 3 from 5

One alternative would involve having lots of locks that all use the same key...

1.You need 30 locks in total, 6 locks that all open with key 1, another 6 that all open with key 2, etc 2.You need 11 boxes, A to J and X, each of which can be locked shut with multiple locks (for instance, having multiple lock hasps or a large hasp that can take multiple locks through the loop) 3.Lock the cb key into box X, for which you need 10 keys 4.Put the 1st key for box X into box A, which is locked with a lock that requires key 1 AND also a lock that requires key 2 AND also a lock that requires key 3, such that all 3 locks must be opened to open the lock 5.Put the 2nd key for box X into box B, which is locked with a lock that requires key 1 AND also a lock that requires key 2 AND also a lock that requires key 4 6.And so on for boxes C to J, each secured with 3 locks that require different keys 7.If you're given any 3 of the origina keys 1 to 5, you should be able to find a box that you can fully open and retrieve the key to box X that contains the cb key! 8.This system is also quite complicated! As a side-note, you don't really need 6 locks that all open with the same key, you could use 6 locks that open with 6 keys and just keep them all on the same keyring - not quite as elegant but easier to achieve


Someone's sent me a great idea for a system to achieve the above requirement but much easier:

1.Secure a chain to one wall and a locked box on the other wall 2.Put a key onto the chain so that the chain is 2 feel longer than it needs to be to reach the lock (so it would only just reach if the chain were 2 feet shorter)

1.Put a lock onto the chain through 2 links so that it makes the chain 1 foot shorter 2.Put another 4 locks on, so each makes the chain 1 foot shorter 3.Now the key can't reach the lock box, but each padlock that's removed makes the key 1 foot closer to the box, and any 3 padlocks removed will allow you to open the lock box! Ever Increasing Lockups If you're locking yourself up, or if you're a keyholder for someone else, one way to manage lockup periods is that each should be longer than the last.

One way is to keep doubling the period - lockup for 1 day, then 2 then 4 then 8 etc. That gets very difficult very quickly, the 10th lockup is for over a year!

So an easier way is to add one day every time, lockup for 1 day, then 2 then 3 then 4 etc.

You should agree a maximum period between lockups - say, 24 hours if you want to allow for 'recovery' or an hour if you want to be restrictive.

This idea was partially based on an idea from a LiveJournal community The Chastity Game where a group of people were doing this (adding one day each time) together, and they would see who lasted the longest.

Random Methods If a guy needs input on how long to be locked up, that can be achieved with a random system such as rolling a die or drawing a card from a deck. This can be done either by the wearer or by a keyholder.

You can interpret the numbers in whatever way is convenient to you, such as the roll of a die indicating a number of days or weeks of lockup.

Of course, you have to agree what the numbers mean before rolling the die!

Personally I prefer using an external random number generator such as using lottery balls. It's too easy if you don't like the roll of a die to just roll again, but lottery balls are published so you can't change your mind. This is particuarly important if you're telling friends what you're doing - they can check what orders you're supposed to be obeying even without asking you.

I have a website that can be used to generate random orders - see my Lottery based order generator.

Self-Bondage Methods There are various methods that guys who are into self-bondage use, which can be appropriate to chastity play too:

Post the keys to yourself, or to a friend whom you trust will post them back to you Freeze the keys in a block of ice, and wait until the ice melts Hide the keys somewhere distant so you have to travel to get them back Leave keys somewhere like a safety deposit box or in work or at a friend's house, where you don't have access all the time The usual warning applies just as much with this - always have a safety backup key in case the above plan fails for some unexpected reason. You could consider using two or more of the above systems to back up each other.

The KeySafe Project KeySafe is a combination of:

A home built key safe that has electronics in to control the lock of the safe and connects to your PC A website that allows chastity wearers and keyholder to register and swap details, and interfaces to your key safe so that a registered keyholder can authorise your keys to be released from your safe. The website can be used without a key safe (have to rely on trust) and there's an electronic 'keyholder' on site who can tell you when you're allowed to have your keys, if you want it to.

E-mail me if you would like more information about the KeySafe project.

TimeLock Software TimeLock is a piece of software that will encrypt a picture for a given length of time. The idea is you open a combination lock, shuffle the dials without looking and take a picture before locking your cb with it, and the software makes sure you can't see the picture until you're allowed.

For lots more information see their website.

TimeLock Hardware For building hardware to operate a time lock key safe, see the MortiSafe 2 page.

Master vs Keyholder Just a note about these two terms (my personal definitions):

A Master is a dominant character who will use holding of chastity device keys as one aspect of their domination over the secured guy A Keyholder is someone who's holding keys, and will return them to the original owner at a pre-arranged date or event or when requested It's my view that many subs say they are looking for a Keyholder but actually they're looking for a Master. They will want their 'keyholder' to control when they're released, perhaps issue them with punishments, etc.

I think any guy asking for a keyholder should be clear about what they're asking for.

For me, the acid test is "If your keyholder takes your keys and then you have no contact with them until the pre-arranged date of release, is that what you're looking for?" - if the answer is "No", a keyholder is not what you're looking for.