Cum Roulette

From MortiWiki

I'll come here when I'm horny and edging myself and wonder what to do with it - that will be determined by a random pick:

  1. Lock on a chastity device
  2. No touching any more
  3. Wear something tight, can grope but not cum
  4. Wear something tight and cum into it
  5. Allowed to edge but not cum
  6. Ruined cum
  7. Cum and eat it
  8. Normal cum

The next link will generate a random number (after the words "Here are your random numbers"). If I click this link, I'm committing to whatever it chooses for the next 2 hours.

Or an alternative simpler set:

  1. Ruined cum
  2. Cum and eat it
  3. Wear something tight and cum into it
  4. Normal cum

Use this link for the random number: