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What's the idea?

Just kicking around an interesting idea...

Like 'fantasy football' for the sub/dom world... some chastity subs (who are either self-locked or controlled by someone) declare themselves as 'fantasy slaves' and get a 'price' as to how much they're used to being locked/denied - say, they cost 5 units if they're locked most of the time and 2 units if they're mostly free and not denied much

Then players start the game with, say, 12 units which they can 'spend' in buying slaves for their 'fantasy dungeon'.

The players then get points depending on how (in)frequently the slaves in their dungeon get to cum, or how long they're locked or how long teased or some other metrics. The players can buy and sell slaves, and the slaves price would change depending on how they're doing (perhaps how much they're traded too).

The interesting bit is that if you have a slave in your dungeon, you could 'encourage' them to stay longer locked, or whatever else earns points, so there's incentive there for the subs to join in, and I guess the incentive for players is just kudos of being on the leader board.

Could be fun. Could be very complex to manage and could require a website to manage all the details and scoring - but I wonder if there's a very simple way this could be done just so we could try it out on here.

The way of assigning points and prices might be different depending on whether they're controlled subs or self-controlled. It might work best with subs who lock up just occasionally for short times - if perhaps a sub usually cums 3 or 4 times a week, their 'fantasy owners' would get more points if they can talk the sub into only cumming once or twice a week. All based on honesty, of course.

What do you think? In particular, what do you think about a nice simple way of doing this online without a management website (no point discussing the complexities of a sophisticated system if it never gets off the ground).

Possible systems

System 1

This is based around having subs without a controller who cum often but would like to be more controlled and cum less often.

Subs are grouped into the following categories depending on their average cum frequency over the last month:

  • Category 0 - on an average week more likely to not cum than to cum
  • Category 1 - average once a week (more likely to cum than not)
  • Category 2 - average twice a week
  • Category 3 - average 3 or 4 a week
  • Category 4 - average 5 or 7 a week
  • Category 5 - average 8 or more a week

Players pick, say, 3 subs for their fantasy dungeon. Each week the player gets a points if a sub in their dungeon cums less frequently than their category. For instance, if they usually cum 4 times a week (category 3) but they only cum twice on one week, any players who have that sub in their dungeon will get a point. Players get the number of points corresponding to the difference between the sub's category and the category that they would have been in if they always cum with that week's frequency - so if they're Category 4 but they only cum once on one week, all players who have that sub in their dungeon get 3 points each. And if the sub does worse than average, the players lose points the same way.

So it's down to the players to encourage the subs in their dungeon to cum less.

It would posting somewhere which subs are playing and their category, which subs are in which players' dungeons, and regular collection of the cum count of each sub and so the points for each player.