Ideas for play

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This is a list for Master and Mistress to give them inspiration for sorts of play scenes and orders they could give me.

In constructing this list there were several points that I considered, then decided they were too extreme to suggest that anyone orders me to do, then realised I was getting very turned on by the idea, then realised I had to list it even if the idea of getting ordered to do it fairly scared me.

Headline points

Regarding orders, my primary points of note are:

  1. I like orgasm denial (being locked in chastity or told not to touch) working up to a play session (say, a few days before) so that I go into play with the tension and frustration that it brings. For me that works well whether or not there's likely to be an orgasm in the play (happy either way). I'm aware that for practical purposes I will sometimes be ordered to unlock to shower and relock without 'inappropriate touching' but also very turned on by the key either being taken away entirely or put into a combination key safe whose combination can be given to me by text message whenever's deemed appropriate.
  2. I love getting orders and controlled but it is good to have an occasional 'time out' from it and be allowed unrestricted free time to play. I think about one day a week would be fine. I can of course see a benefit in having occasional 'intense' periods where I'm pushed to, for instance, not touch myself for an extended time, as long as it's the exception rather than the rule. I can imagine a format of play where if, for instance, we're planning a play session on the Sunday I might be ordered to 'no touch' on Friday and lock up on Saturday and Sunday (except for shower) then given 'free time' on Monday before starting new set of orders Tuesday. Or perhaps 'no touch' an extra day earlier or locked more or 'play but no cum' one day and 'no touch' the next and locked the next, etc.

Regarding orgasm control, I'd like to get to the state where it feels like cumming or even touching is "a privilege and not a right".

The only things I need from life are control and hugs.

Ideas for orders

Stuff like...

  1. Having to edge or cum somewhere away from home. I have a public toilet quite near my house (few minute walk) which I was once ordered to cum in, and ordered to walk there buttplugged in cycle shorts. It's near enough to be able to wear 'odd' stuff there. The toilet cubicle is quite a large room with a mirror. It 'auto-cleans' itself which means the floor is always wet. I shall call this my 'cottage' for ease of ordering
  2. Edge or cum in shopping centre toilets, train station, at work, on train
  3. Some activities (eg getting naked, perhaps cock stuff) in shop changing rooms (depending how private they are!)
  4. When ordered to play in public toilets having to get naked, kneel on floor, be blindfolded, be plugged or finger up butt
  5. Having to ruin an orgasm (letting go of touching just as cumming, reduces the pleasure)
  6. I hate eating my own cum, but can do it if ordered. It has to be immediately I cum (throw from cock to hand to mouth) so still in the horny frame of mind. Because of that, it would be a more tough/humiliating punishment to have to keep it in my mouth - say, cumming in my cottage (see above) and eating it but not being allowed to swallow until I get home
  7. Wearing a cockring all day (have done 24 hours, probably not exceeded 48). I have a locking cockring, which is quite tight so tends to ruin orgasms
  8. Short times (eg an evening) wearing a device with internal spikes such as a Kali's Teeth Bracelet
  9. I have a cockring with 'nubs' inside which gets quite uncomfortable when hard. I think I may have cum in it once but that was a painful experience (no long-term harm though). Having to edge in it would be tough (as Mistress has had me do)
  10. Use of 'deep heat' type cream
  11. Instructed what to wear to munch (often in rubber, have done cb/plug)
  12. Spending the evening at home in something manageable but awkward like some restraints/handcuffs, zentai (full body lycra suit) with just eye holes and zips locked together, wetsuit, collared
  13. Keep a padlock in either PA or frenum piercing. I have several including one with "Access Denied" engraved on it, which could be used as a 'no touch' token
  14. Having to take and publish pictures or videos of activities, such as cumming in public toilets
  15. Having to go out in rain not wearing rain gear (eg shorts and vest top)
  16. Lock up in chastity device (or other bondage) with keys in garden which I have to collect. I once did this collecting keys at midnight wearing a black zentai
  17. Negotiating a 'reward/penalty' based on a sports match result. Last year I 'bet' that if Andy Murray lost the Wimbledon final I'd not cum for 3 days afterwards (he won)
  18. Not being allowed to touch my cock when I lie in bed after waking up. This is the time it's always hard and demanding attention, so is the time when it's most difficult not to touch and when my sense of being controlled is therefore made so acute
  19. Clothes pegs (or similar?) on genitals and removing them by tug/flick
  20. Being allowed to cum but given a short time window in which to do it. Then I find the pressure of having to perform takes a lot away from the orgasmic experience, though at the same time the 'forced' ones do have a different kind of energy about them
  21. Keeping weight hanging from cock piercing

Another type of control is combining restrictions, such as:

  1. Not allowed to cum unless buttplugged (did that for a week once)
  2. Not allowed to touch cock unless it's been locked in a cb for at least 2 hours
  3. Have to edge a while before cumming

Orders need not be daily, I can imagine you could give me, say, a 3 day order - for instance, only allowed to do X while I'm doing Y (eg only cum when buttplugged).

Things to wear

For work or for evening out I could be ordered to wear:

  1. Rubber underwear
  2. Buttplug
  3. A ball stretcher
  4. Thong/jock/no underwear. I often wear odd underwear to work, but rarely wear none
  5. Keeping a neck chain padlocked on
  6. Lycra leggings under jeans
  7. Some sort of one-piece unitard so I effectively have to almost strip naked to use toilet
  8. Thong leotard - rather small so pulls in tightly!
  9. Cycle shorts - when I wear them in work the elastic bands around thighs show up as lumps in the line of suit trousers so are quite visible (of course, no-one else is looking for them)

I wear either a white shirt or a black polo top to work. I generally don't wear anything odd above the waist for fear that it would show through or at least bulges would show.

Things in public

If we're out in public (pub/restaurant/train/shopping) I could be asked to do things such as:

  1. No sitting on furniture
  2. Removing shirt and giving to someone, have to remain topless until returned
  3. Having to wear collar
  4. Having to keep hands behind me as though handcuffed
  5. Open doors for Master and Mistress
  6. Wear hoodie with 'kangaroo pouch' with hands handcuffed or thumbcuffed inside
  7. Not allowed to speak
  8. Subtly secured to furniture, eg cable tie
  9. Bare foot
  10. Hands 'stuck' in pockets
  11. Wearing sunglasses which are painted in like a blindfold
  12. Wearing earplugs


I'd like to play with Master and Mistress, both together and separately. I'm happy to play along with other subs, and happy to play in clubs and groups (always need variety), although my preferred arrangement would be in private with both of you.

Things I'd like to do in a face-to-face play scene:

  1. Being tied down and bitten on my back and upper arms
  2. Master knows many techniques for restraining someone and controlling them using nerve points etc. I would love to be controlled in that way, having him demonstrate his absolute power over me, getting me into a situation where I'm entirely helpless and I know he can cause me pain with the smallest effort. I can imagine he could get me to admit that the value of pi is actually 5, or to reveal the combination to my key lock box so he can take my chastity device key away
  3. Tied down and blindfolded, then chastity device unlocked and cock played with - whether I'm allowed to cum or just relocked would be up to you (big turnon tease for me having to listen to you deliberating about it)
  4. Rope bondage!
  5. Giving oral sex to anyone I'm instructed to give it to (male or female). I don't find giving oral particularly a turn-on in itself, but it's a very submissive action. Having to make others orgasm (or at least, give them pleasure) to earn orgasm for myself is very reasonable
  6. Milking - if I've not cum in a while, massaging the prostate can cause cum to dribble out with no orgasmic sensation, although I've never done it
  7. Kept in straitjacket or other restraints while able to move and talk to others
  8. Being fucked with a dildo in a strap-on harness. It's not a highly erotic experience for me but can be very submissive

Would like to try

Things I've not experienced but think perhaps I'd like to try (may still not like it):

  1. Wax play
  2. Needle play
  3. Use of pin wheel or other 'sharp' stimulation toys
  4. A rope stress position... not sure how I'd cope
  5. I have some areas that are more sensitive to pain play than others - in particular, the area just where my ass joins my leg, and on my hard cock and balls
  6. Cock and ball 'torture' though not sure what forms (I did like pulling my balls during a scene recently)

In hotel

If I were left in a hotel room for, say, half an hour, with a laptop to watch a movie or something, then you could take steps to ensure I feel vulnerable and reliant on you while that happens, including:

  1. Leave no clothes for me in the room so I'm relying on you coming back
  2. Rope handcuffs which could be removed in emergency but couldn't be replaced by me without it being obvious
  3. Handcuffed (front or back)
  4. Rope body harness
  5. For a short time only (few minutes) - lying face down on bet with a glass of water on my back, so no way to move without spilling it

Some of this could also apply when leaving me in hotel room overnight and checking on me in the morning.