Ideas for weekly restrictions

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Ideas for restrictions that Hazel could instruct me to do for a week. They could be combined

Not allowed to touch cock and/or cum unless:

  • Butt plugged
  • Wearing a spiked cockring
  • Wearing some rubber
  • Wearing a zentai
  • Wearing a onesie/boilersuit
  • Using deep heath type cream as lube
  • Handcuffed
  • Padlock in piercing (perhaps both piercings)
  • Wearing clothes pegs
  • Wearing a ball stretcher
  • Wearing a collar or neck chain
  • Wearing gloves (surgical or marigolds)
  • Only with left hand

Other restrictions:

  • Can play but not cum
  • Any orgasm must be ruined/eaten
  • While playing, text Hazel for instruction to ruin/eat/cum, no response means no cum
  • Can only play within 4 hours of having jogged
  • Must jog plugged, then can play as long as the plug is still in
  • No touching in the house
  • Must wear cb for 4 hours before unlocking and touching
  • Must play and edge for an hour before cumming
  • Must get to edge and stop 3 times before cumming
  • Can only touch if I've been wearing nothing but a Lycra suit (or nothing or work suit or just about to go out/come in) while at home for the previous 24 hours, then must cum into the suit and continue to wear it
  • Can only touch cock using FleshLight or similar 'masturbation aid'
  • Must cum 3 times a day, if I fail, no touching for the next day
  • Can only touch while in cupboard under the stairs
  • Only allowed to touch for 10 minutes at a time, with at least 10 minutes between times

Allowed to play but while playing, roll die:

  • 1-2 Ruin
  • 3-4 Eat
  • 5 No cum
  • 6 Allowed to cum normally