MortiSafe - Setting up the safe

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This page is about one of the steps to <a href="/index.php/Build_a_MortiSafe" title="Build a MortiSafe">Build a MortiSafe</a>.

The digital safe is opened with a combination. However, we're not interested in the combination as that's not how the MortiSafe works.

<a href="safe.jpg" class="external text" title="safe.jpg" rel="nofollow"><img src="safe_small.jpg" alt="safe_small.jpg" /></a>

Check the instructions for the safe and program it with a simple combination such as '1' - you can use something more complicated if you want.

When you put the combination in, you'll hear a clunk which is the solenoid operating to allow the handle to be turned to open the safe.

When the MortiSafe is in control, you'll still have to put the combination in, but the Ardunio will decide whether it's going to allow the solenoid to operate. If the MortiSafe is locked, the combination will work but you won't be able to turn the handle to open the safe. When the MortiSafe is unlocked, you'll still have to use the combination then turn the handle to open the safe.