MortiSafe - Test the MortiSafe

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This page is about one of the steps to Build a MortiSafe.

You should now have the USB cable connected from the PC to the Arduino, and a cable from the Arduino to the MOSFET board, and another from the MOSFET board to the safe. You can't close the safe door because the cable is in the way, but don't worry about that for the moment.



Go back to the previous section MortiSafe - Testing the Arduino and repeat the tests. Now you should find that whenever the green light is on, you can put the combination into the safe but you won't be able to turn the handle to open it. Then, whenever the light is off, when you put the combination in, you hear a clunk sound (which is the soleniod operating) then you can open it okay.

If you upload the 'blink' program to the Arduino, it will lock and unlock the safe once a second. So if you put the combination in to open the safe, you will here the solenoid clunk on and off once a second for the 10 seconds or so that the safe can be opened.