MortiSafe Software

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This software for controlling a <a href="/index.php/MortiSafe" title="MortiSafe">MortiSafe</a> can be downloaded from this page. Sorry, the software is currently only available for Windows.

This software is require to initially configure the MortiSafe. Once that's done, you can use either this software or a website for controlling the safe.

Available versions, click to download:

This is a zip file, unzip all the files into the same directory and run MortiSafe.exe.

For details of how to use the software, see <a href="/index.php/MortiSafe_-_Testing_the_Arduino" title="MortiSafe - Testing the Arduino">MortiSafe - Testing the Arduino</a>.

Work still to be done:

  1. The Arduino software needs to internally record the time and the lock mode so that if the power is disconnected and reapplied, it can carry on from where it left off
  2. Need to include software to be used by the website (which also needs writing)