MortiSafe Website Design

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I'm going to develop a website for use with the MortiSafe. This page is to discuss ideas about how it will work.

Basic usage:

1.Users will log into the website 2.They will need to configure an email address 3.The website will send them a mail which they need to reply to in order to enable their account 4.Anyone will be able to see a list of all the roles configured, and if any of the subs are currently locked Roles:

1.Once logged in, they will see a list of the 'roles' they have previously configured 2.They can add new roles - either 'master' or 'sub' 3.If a master role is added, the website will ask for the name of the sub. If the sub hasn't already set up the same role, the website will send them a mail 4.If a sub role is added, the website will ask for the name of the master. If the master hasn't already set up the same role, the website will send them a mail 5.The role won't work until both master and sub have configured a role for each other 6.Next to the list of configured roles (eg "Master to user X") will be buttons to configure options Typically each user will only have one role, either sub or master, but I can imagine many people will be both sub and master for themselves. Also, many masters will have several subs, and two people may want to be both master and sub to each other. The idea of 'roles' allows the website to be used in a variety of ways.

Master role:

1.A master will be able to configure a lock or unlock command for their sub's MortiSafe 2.The lock command can have an optional timeout - eg 6 hours. If a timeout is specified, the MortiSafe will unlock after the specified time after it's locked 3.The master can specify a message to go along with the command 4.They can specify whether the sub should be told how long the safe will be locked for, if a timeout has been specified 5.They can cancel a previous order as long as the sub hasn't downloaded it Sub role:

1.When a sub logs in they will be told if any masters have configured commands for them 2.If so, they must connect the safe and click a button to download the command to the safe 3.If the safe is not connected or already locked, a message on the website will tell them Other features:

1.Either sub or master will be able to see an audit list of the locks, unlocks, commands set, etc Please add any ideas you have under this line:

Would be nice to have some more communication between sub and master, but not sure what

A master can give the Ownership to an other Master, if he is going on Hollyday or cant be a master for some Weeks