MortiSafe ideas

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Ways in which the MortiSafe design could be enhanced.

Buzzer on MortiThingy

I could add a buzzer onto the MortiThingy unit.

  • No battery in safe
  • Could use a 1 channel radio controlled relay board, which is cheaper
  • Buzzer could be handy for other forms of feedback
  • It would avoid the problem where the buzzer and safe settings get out of sync
  • There would be no buzzer feedback that the safe had received the uncontrol request

Bypass safe electronics

I could connect the safe solenoid directly to a battery and a remote controlled relay, bypassing the safe electronics entirely.

  • No need for combination to open safe
  • Might be able to come up with a design which avoids cutting any wires
  • Avoids problem where some safes forget combination if power cut
  • Need to not keep relay open too long (another button on MortiThingy?)

Feature button

Button on a wire attached to MortiThingy. Uses could include:

  • Add lockup time each time button pressed
  • Easy safe open when time up (actioning solenoid) when used for self-bondage

Could add button to MortiThingy which would be a compromise.

Unify power supplies

Investigate using the external power to the safe to power the remote relay, the safe and the buzzer - or, if some options above used, the solenoid.