Mortice's zentai

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Zentai suits I have...

Colour Eyes and mouth Crotch Notes
Shiny gold Very small
Shiny purple Small and doesn't breath
Shiny red Eyes
Shiny black Eyes
Black and white camouflage Eyes
Swirly black/white/green Eyes and mouth
Yellow Eyes Side-to-side crotch zip
Red Eyes and mouth Front-to-back crotch zip
Leopard Eyes Side-to-side crotch zip
Shiny purple Eyes and mouth Cock hole
Purple shiny hologram Eyes and mouth with zips Front-to-back crotch zip
Purple zebra Eyes Knee-to-knee zip for entry/exit Unicorn horn
Purple camouflage Small cut eye holes
Black Mouth and blindfold eyes Cock hole Mittens, harnessing points at wrist and ankles
Blue Very small, broken zip
Brown Very small
Pink Mouth and small cut eye holes Knee-to-knee zip for entry/exit One arm outside, one inside
Orange Eyes and mouth Front to back crotch zip No external arms, just internal sleeves
Black Eyes and mouth Takes 2 people