Mortice being kinky

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As a part of using gear more often, I'm only touching my cock if I'm using some kink gear, and from week to week I'll vary what the gear is, on the following schedule. Let me know if you have suggestions for future weeks.

Date Activity
13th October 2012 Buttplugged
20th October 2012 Wear ball stretcher
27th October 2012 Wear gasmask
3rd November 2012 Wear zentai

I'm not nearly kinky enough, so to focus on this I've drawn up a list of the things I like to do, and I'll make note here of when I've done them.

Please feel free to drop me a mail if you have a suggestion for what I should do or when I should do it. I may add to this list, but there's plenty of stuff I'm not into so I may decline your suggestion if it's too far off this sort of thing.

Kinky thing Indoors Outdoors Overnight
Not touching cock sexually Did for 11 days
Playing with cock but not cumming Did for 4 days
Wearing buttplug
Wearing ball stretcher
Wearing cockring
Wearing belt style chastity device Wear some Tuesday evenings Have worn to cinema
Wearing cock cage style chastity device Wear some Tuesday evenings
Wearing no underwear
Wearing rubber shorts Wore to Reading Munch
Wearing other rubber gear
Wearing cycle shorts
Wearing Lycra skinsuit/unitard
Wearing zentai