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Linc's Lockup

Once locked, Linc cannot do anything to lower his time outside of the rules listed. Linc will not have access to his combo until the lockup session ends. During that time a backup will be held with a "custodian" (not necessarily a dom/sir/boss/etc, but someone trusted to help Linc keep with his plan). Said custodian will be able to provide others with Linc's combo should others wish Linc to serve, though they are likewise obligated to withhold the combo from Linc.

A Lockup begins when both a combination picture is uploaded and the custodian receives verification Linc is secured. Once both conditions are met there is no aborting a lockup regardless of if the custodian has initiated the session.

The duration and other rule related values are set in the supplemental information section of this page.

Have Linc and not sure what to do with him?

Aren't dice handy?(one could forego the dice and choose of course)
Option Description
1 Tickle him
2 Make him stand in the corner, maybe add clamps or other torments to make time crawl.
3 No clothes, Not allowed on furniture, Eating from a bowl on the floor, Fetching things (slave scene)
4 Tightly restrain him
5 Make him give massage service
6 Human Urinal (Dependent on Linc's constitution at the time, as well as health of "donor")

Options one has with Linc's Combo

Choose or let dice decide
Option Description
1 Use and then relock Linc
2 Use without unlocking Linc
3 Allow Linc an orgasm
4 Ruined orgasm for Linc
5 Basic cleaning, inspection, and relock
6 Edging and then relock

Begging for Mercy

When Linc is locked and wants to try for an early release, though begging for mercy has its risks as well...
Result Effect Further notations
1 Automatic re-roll a second 1 means time is shortened, other results as per table
2 Must wear a plug or nipple clamps 1 hour Failure for any reason must be made up with a writing task.
3 The next time he has to piss he collects it and tastes it (one time per roll per day)
4 10 minutes of browsing porn or watching porn vids (remind him is cock is for torment, not pleasure)
5 any penalty prescribed by someone with Linc's combo If undefined then use the activity generator)
6 Automatic reroll a second 6 must take a gamble on session through the website using only the free option. 1 is ignored, other results as per this table

Linc's Roulette

When Linc is not locked, but is horny and needs instruction
Option Description
1 Cum and eat
2 Ruined orgasm and eat
3 Edge a number of times equal to 3 dice rolls and lock for the night.
4 full release, no penalty or restrictions
5 Lock for the night.
6 New lockup session to begin as soon as possible

Linc's Point Bank

Roulette actions count towards this section when Linc is not locked
Points Description Notes
+1.5 d6 +1 Orgasms to clarify: (1.5* 1d6)+1, rounded up to whole number
d6 Ruined orgasms, prostate milking
+3 Being restrained Applied once per play session. Self restraint n/a
-2 Restraining others Applied once per play session.
-4 Domming others Only applicable if actual power exchange and not just bondage
-2 Giving Massages Per person.
-1 Edging with a plug/dildo in place Each hour subtracts one point
-1 eating semen
2 * d6 Failing at either ruining or edging
-1 Electro torture 1 point per hour for every 20% power level above an initial 20%
-2 Writing task Must complete with less than 15 errors to count
+1 Any time Linc inquires or mentions remaining time locked up or having an orgasm
0 Being tickled he hates it especially if you find his one weak spot, but no sense rewarding him for his suffering
-1 Any other negative effect from a dice roll laid out on this page that requires Linc's participation(corner time, urine, etc.)

Linc's Point Bank History

Date Summary Change Running total
04/JUL/2016 Failed to ruin, so gave full d6 instead of half +5 5
07/JUL/2016 -3 edging w/ plug, -2 restraining another, +3 getting restrained -2 3
08/JUL/2016 Lockup +5, -6 for 2 writing tasks -5 0
13/JUL/2016 came 2 times (+8), got tied(+3), tied another(-2), serviced a dom (-4) +5 5
14/JUL/2016 still excited from last night. came, rolled a 2 (*whew*) +2 7
16/JUL/2016 rolled a 4 +4 11
18/JUL/2016 RESET NULL 0
18/JUL/2016 rolled a 2 +2 2
23/JUL/2016 came from prostate stimulation, rolled 4, testing new point weight +4 6
23/JUL/2016 orgasm, rolled 3, ate semen +4 10
23/JUL/2016 POINT FREEZE, points resume from current total, cannot be worked off even if actions during this time would subtract 0 10
09/MAR/2017 POINT FREEZE END, points resume from current total, back to normal 0 10
10/MAR/2017 ruined orgasm, gave massage (canceled each other out) 0 10
11/MAR/2017 gave massage -2 8
20/MAR/2017 gave massage -2 4
21/MAR/2017 gave massage -2 2
30/MAR/2017 putting project on hold pending refactoring 0 0

Supplemental Information

Short Description Long Description/URL
Today's Date 25/JUL/2024
Single Die Roller https://www.random.org/dice/?num=1
Keyholding Site http://chastitylocked.com
Writing tasks https://writeforme.org/user.php?userID=2965
Next Lockup Duration 109 hours
Reward/Penalty 72 hours max, less at custodian discretion
Point limit before mandatory lockup 15
Minimum # of points owed during lockup 2 per day of lockup (rounded up)
Custodian Mortice
Boss To Be Determined
Activity/punishment generator http://www.kinkgen.com/activity_instances/new?

Past Lockups


254 hours total.

For an average of approximately 85 hours per session.