Putting together MortiRemoteSafe from purchased assembled components

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If you've bought a MortiSafe from me,

Parts I supply

You should now have from me:

  1. A MortiThingy - two small circuit boards with buttons, an aerial and a USB socket
  2. A MortiReceiver board - a circuit board with four blue blocks, lots of screw terminals and an aerial
  3. Connected to the MortiReceiver board, a Safe Cable, which is a cable with screw terminals on the end
  4. Connected to the MortiReceiver board, a buzzer and a battery clip
  5. A PP3 battery
  6. A washer

Parts you supply

And you should also have:

  1. A digital safe
  2. A power adaptor, 9v to 12v

Stuff you should download

Download this zip file to your PC. Create a folder on your PC and copy the files from the zip into the folder.

These files will include:

  1. MortiSafe.inf - a file used to tell your PC how to talk to the USB device
  2. MortiSafe_Test.exe - a program used to test the MortiSafe
  3. MortiSafe_Dom.exe - a program used by dominants to generate key codes
  4. MortiSafe_Sub.exe - a program used by submissives who have been given key codes from their dominant
  5. MortiSafe_Self.exe - a program used by anyone using the safe for self-bondage

How to build, quick summary

There may look like a lot of steps to building the MortiSafe but that's only because it's in a lot of detail. The basic steps to it are:

  1. Cut the cable of your power adaptor and connect it to the MortiRemote
  2. Cut a wire in your digital safe and connect it to the MortiRemote
  3. Plug the MortiThingy into your PC
  4. Download some software
  5. Use it

Checking the MortiReceiver wiring

Powering the MortiThingy

  1. Download some files to your PC
  2. Plug the MortiThingy into a USB port on your PC
  3. When it asks for a driver file, point it at one of the files you downloaded

Powering and testing the MortiReceiver

  1. Take your power adaptor
  2. Cut off the end with the socket which usually plugs into the appliance, so you have most of the cable still attached to the plug you put into the wall
  3. Clean 1/2 in

Wiring the safe

  1. Take the back off the door of the safe (usually 4 screws)
  2. You'll find 2 wires coming from the battery compartment to the control board
  3. Cut one of them (whichever's longest)
  4. Clean some insulation off both ends of the wire
  5. Put each end of the wire
  6. Push those wires into the ends of the Safe Cable and tighten screws to hold them in

Using the safe

  1. You can then run programs to lock and unlock the safe, lock it for a specified duration, etc

Uninstalling the MortiSafe

If you should want to, you can very easily turn the MortiSafe back into a normal digital safe just by unscrewing some wires.