TimeLock website

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I'm considering developing a website to do 'time based control'.

This is 'inspired' by projects such as:

  • Timelock (see timelock.rules.it) which is a great application that's been around a long time
  • Key Holder (see keyholder.r307.com) which is a website offering reduced functionality to Timelock but covering the basics
  • Keysafe (see keysafe.org) which is a website which interfaces to a hardware key safe

So the new site I'm considering will build on some of the ideas of other applications and hopefully take them further. The idea is to make something different, not necessarily better.

Features include:

  • Suitable for someone to secure themselves or be secured by someone else
  • Anyone registered will be able to send a lockup request to anyone else
  • Will be based on generating and securing random numbers (for a digital safe) or uploading a pic of a combination etc
  • Would be good to integrate webcam software directly into the site so it can take a picture and secure it, but not sure yet how to do that