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Lists of points for swim and run table.

To earn 10 points per week whatever the shortfall is, to be doubled and added to the following week. If you earn more than 10 points in a week the excess cannot be carried forward and earning over 10 points any two weeks in a month, will see the target points per week increased as its too easy.


Do all of the following to earn 3 points on the first swim but only 1 point there after

  1. ) Arrive swim and Leave the leisure centre barefoot
  2. ) Arrive swim and Leave the leisure centre in Lycra and max 1 piece of non Lycra clothing (eg hoody)
  3. ) Swim plugged and in chastity once a plug is used can not be used again within 7 days

Each earn 3 points (can only use once in any 7 days any further use the points are deducted)

  1. ) Arrive or Leave in just lycra
  2. ) Arrive already in swim tights and leave in them still wet
  3. ) Swim plugged after having it in all night

Each earn 5 points

  1. ) Arrive and leave in just Lycra and have no normal clothing with you
  2. ) Arrive in lycra with hoody etc but disable so have to leave in just Lycra (eg Skinsuit or leotard and shorts)
  3. ) Swim in racerback kneeskin on its own and exit the pool without rolling it down.
  4. ) Swim in zoggs leotard suit with shorts

Each earn 10 points (can only use once in any 7 days any further use the points are deducted)

  1. ) Swim in Zoggs leotard suit on its own

Each earn demerit points

  1. ) swimming in jammers -1 point
  2. ) not swimming plugged -1 point
  3. ) not being barefoot throughout -2 points
  4. ) normal clothing in excess of that allowed -2 points
  5. ) swimming less that 60 lengths (reduced to 40 for a 30 min swim) -5 points
  6. ) Miss a planned swim -1 point

For a group run


  1. ) unitard
  2. ) underarmour shirt

Top 2

  1. ) No Tshirt
  2. ) Tshirt allowed


  1. ) shorts
  2. ) 3/4 tights
  3. ) tights


  1. ) vibrams
  2. ) achilles
  3. ) xeros
  4. ) barefoot