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A few of the toys I have...

New list

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Cock toys

  1. Teardrop cockring
  2. Vibrating cockring
  3. Spiked locking cockring
  4. Vibrating cockring
  5. Spiked cockring for steelheart
  6. Locking cockring
  7. Asslock (too small!)
  8. Kali's Teeth Bracelet
  9. Rubber cockring
  10. Phone controlled vibrator
  11. Heavy locking ball weight
  12. Locking cockring
  13. Vibrating cockring
  14. Piercing padlocks
  15. Lockable ball stretcher
  16. Spiked cockring
  17. Remote controlled vibrating cockring
  18. Spiked cock shaft ring
  19. Spiked cockring
  20. Cock vibrator
  21. Vibrating cockring

Chastity devices

  1. Steelheart chastity device
  2. Chastity device
  3. CB3000
  4. Chastity device
  5. 3D printed chastity device
  6. 3D printed chastity device
  7. Chastity device secured by piercing
  8. Spiked cock cage
  9. Lori chastity device
  10. Cock cage
  11. Large steelheart
  12. Spiked Silicone chastity cage
  13. Spiked cock cage


  1. Hard plastic buttplug
  2. Dildo
  3. Rubber buttplug
  4. Rubber buttplug
  5. Steel buttplug
  6. Steel buttplug
  7. Rattler buttplug
  8. Steel buttplug
  9. Prostate massager
  10. Prostate vibrator


  1. Vibrating nipple clamps
  2. Leather cuffs
  3. Spike wheels
  4. Hinged handcuffs
  5. Vibrator


  1. Leather straitjacket
  2. Canvan straitjacket, quite small
  3. Thick lycra sleepsack
  4. Steel rings, 1 collar 2 wrist cuffs, with attachment rings
  5. Leather locking wrist and ankle cuffs
  6. Locking leather buttplug harness
  7. Leather full harness
  8. Nylon/velcro wrist and ankle cuffs
  9. Leather lockable cuffs connected together
  10. Hard plastic neck-to-wrists restraint
  11. Leather strappy arm binder, quite small
  12. Steel handcuffs
  13. Steel hinged handcuffs
  14. Steel legirons
  15. Leather bondage belt with D-rings
  16. Leather chest and groin harness
  17. Velcro/nylon wrist restraints
  18. Steel collar secured with allen key
  19. Wide leather bondage belt
  20. Long leather mittens secured with velcro
  21. Pink padded twisty ties


  1. Plastic half face mask
  2. Leather hood, lace up back, just nose holes
  3. Leather hood, lace up back, eyes and mouth holes
  4. Tight red rubber hood
  5. Tight clear rubber hood
  6. Rubber hood, mouth hole and pinhole eyes
  7. Rubber hood with small breathing hole for breath restraint
  8. Rubber hood with built in gag, just nose holes
  9. Thin leatherette hood with eyes and mouth holes


  1. Leather padded blindfold
  2. Cloth/elastic blindfold
  3. Elasticated leather thick padded blindfold
  4. 'Mindfold' blindfold


  1. Black leather ring gag
  2. Spider gag
  3. Red ball gag
  4. Leather strap holding rubber gag with through-tube
  5. Leather head harness with bit gag
  6. Rubber bit gag
  7. Rubber lower jaw cover with tube
  8. Rubber ball gag with thin rubber strap
  9. Big rubber cock gag with velcro strap
  10. Rubber in-mouth ball on leather strap
  11. Leather gag with tube


  1. Choke chain
  2. Neck-length chains (various thicknesses)
  3. Leather locking collar with D-ring
  4. Leather collar with ring
  5. Tall leather collar
  6. Thick leather collar with D-ring
  7. Dog lead
  8. Black covered steel collar secured with allen key
  9. Tall leather posture collar
  10. Leather collar with nose lifting restraint
  11. Rubber collar with external rubber spikes
  12. Dog collar
  13. Leather collar with metal rings interwoven


  1. Purple leather mittens
  2. Rubber marigolds
  3. Latex examination gloves
  4. Abrasive scrubbing gloves
  5. Fingerless cycle gloves
  6. Rubber webbed gloves

Chastity gear

  1. Remy cock tube secured through PA piercing
  2. Steel cock tube with half-handcuff and leather waist strap
  3. Carrara full steel chastity belt
  4. CB3000 red plastic chastity device
  5. PA5000 black plastic chastity device secured through PA
  6. CB6000s small transparent plastic chastity device
  7. Steel ebay cock cage - long body wide gaps between bars
  8. Steel ebay cock cage - short body
  9. Steel ebay cock cage - mesh body
  10. Plastic lori tube chastity device secured through piercing
  11. Large steelheart chastity tube
  12. Small steelheart chastity tube
  13. Purple silicone chastity device
  14. Short steel ebay chastity cage, not very secure
  15. Leather locking chastity shorts, front/rear zip
  16. Remy steel cock tube secured through frenum piercing

Spiked devices

  1. Points of Intrigue spikes for cb3000 etc
  2. "Mike's Spikes" blunt spiked tube for cock shaft
  3. Mildly sharp spiked tube for cock shaft
  4. Leather cock tube with blunt spikes secured with velcro
  5. Internal spiked cockring for securing steelheart chastity device
  6. Rubber strip with internal spikes for securing around cock
  7. Leather cockring with internal spikes seucred with pop stud
  8. Fork insert for steel ebay cock cages
  9. 'Crown of thorns' cock shaft ring with screw in spikes
  10. 'Kali's Teeth Bracelet' cock shaft ring with very sharp spikes, padlockable
  11. Thick heavy cockring with dull spikes

Other cock/ball gear

  1. Oval ball stretcher secured with padlock
  2. Leather weighted ball stretcher strap
  3. Locking cockring
  4. Heavy steel cockring
  5. Very heavy cockring/ballstretcher
  6. Stretchy rubber cockring
  7. Glass cockring with bumps
  8. Heavy oiled rotating 'cockring' machine part
  9. Rubber ball holding cock and balls secured with padlock
  10. Cock split, aluminium cockring with ball hole
  11. Open ended cock cage with leather strap
  12. Tight donut ball weight with screw security
  13. Loose heavy donut ball weight with screw security
  14. Steel cockring with leather straps for ball separation, loose
  15. Rubber cockring with adjustable strap for trapping balls
  16. Rubber cockring with ball trap
  17. Wooden humbler


  1. Asslock steel buttplug attached to cockring
  2. Aluminium short plug
  3. Steel short plug with jewel on base
  4. Blue metal plug with jewel on base
  5. 'Rattler' steel plug with internal rattling ball
  6. 'Lollipop' steel plug
  7. Njoy steel prostate massager
  8. Rubber dildo
  9. Pink rubber plug
  10. Narrow plug with rubber 'horsehair' tail
  11. Big red prostate massager
  12. Small white prostate massager
  13. Thin remote control vibrating plug
  14. Plug with strap for clipping around a thong
  15. Remote vibrating dildo
  16. Bullet insertible vibrator on wire to remote
  17. Rubber briefs with hollow rubber buttplug and sheath

Plugs that are too big for me

  1. Steel adjustable buttplug attached to cockring
  2. Plug of 5 steel balls
  3. Steel sliding plug on bar attached to cockring
  4. Ass hook
  5. Rubber plug and cockring combination
  6. Assorted rubber plugs
  7. Big plug with horse hair tail
  8. Big plug with curly pig tail
  9. 2 heavy steel plugs
  10. Plug with wired remote vibrator


  1. TENS unit
  2. Double pinwheel
  3. Silver 'bullet' vibrator
  4. Adjustable nipple clamps joined by chain
  5. Japanese clover clamps


  1. Enema bulb
  2. Roll of vet wrap
  3. Roll of bondage tape
  4. Roll of palette wrap
  5. Climbing harness
  6. Skating pads for ankles, wrists and hands
  7. Leather corset
  8. Medical eye patches
  9. Fleshlight
  10. Cricket protector
  11. Rugby gum shield


  1. Cycle gear - skinsuits, bib shorts, shorts
  2. Many zentai - see Mortice's zentai
  3. Rubber gear - shorts, underwear, teeshirts, catsuit, full suit

Assorted others

  1. Rope
  2. Chain
  3. Nylon straps
  4. Black palette wrap
  5. Small roll black vet wrap
  6. Padlocks, key and combination
  7. Cockrings, metal and rubber
  8. Vibrators
  9. Rubberwear - shorts, teeshirts, suits