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MortiRemoteSafe is the latest of numerous different MortiSafe plans to build a time or internet controlled key safe which is cheap and easy to build.

The current state of this project is that I need to do a few tweaks in the software, then it will work well with a few limitations:

  • No website yet, but an app to control the safe or generate security keys for safe - dom could mail lock codes to sub, then later mail unlock code, or user could set timer for self-locking)
  • The software is all Windows based. If it gets used and popular, I'll look into a linux client for it too

My notes on what's left to do...

Phase 1 of development

  • Tidy up windows apps
  • Get sub app to get confirmation of time from user before locking safe
  • Pictures and details for build and use instructions

Phase 2 of development

  • The whole website thing